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About Us

The Farm

Quinta del Lago is a 90-acre working farm on the southern shores of Lago Llanquihue, in the shadows of beautiful snow-capped Volcan Osorno and Calbuco. Enjoy rustic luxury in one of five master suites within this charming farmhouse that has been converted into a boutique Bed & Breakfast, or rent our remodeled vintage cabins.


As a guest, you have access to enjoy the entire farmhouse and property. Quinta del Lago features expansive pastures for horses, sheep, alpacas and cattle as well as a dense virgin forest with walking and horseback trails. Pick from the 30 varieties of apples in the orchard or savor pears, cherries, plums, nectarines, raspberries, blackberries and more. Learn about the flora and fauna, watch the sheep get sheared (or lend a hand!), enjoy some bird-watching, play croquet in the garden, smell the endless varieties of flowers, enjoy an afternoon on the private beach by the lake shore, take a kayak out on the crystal clear water, cast a rod for salmon or trout, stargaze in the evenings, or cuddle up with a book by the fire. Find your own perfect moment at Quinta del Lago.


Over the years the farmhouse, property and activities have been featured in international magazines, newspapers, guidebooks and television programs as a special destination for travelers visiting the gorgeous Puerto Varas region of Chile.

The Region

It is no wonder that thousands of people flock from all over the world each year to visit Puerto Varas. Arguably one of the most picturesque places on Earth, Puerto Varas (known as the city of roses) is a perfect blend of Chilean culture and Bavarian tradition and architecture. It's still a small town, but with all of the amenities and conveniences to make your travels comfortable.


While its easy to be enamored by the town of Puerto Varas, the town’s greatest asset is as a gateway to the natural treasures found beyond its borders. The lakes, mountains, forests, snow-capped volcanoes and rivers provide more than just a beautiful backdrop. They create some of the most memorable experiences imaginable.


In the middle of it all sits Quinta del Lago, a tenant of the regions natural beauty and a steward of its agricultural bounty. We don’t think of it as ours, to do with as we please. We think of it as something the region and its natural resources are lending us, to protect and share. And we invite you to experience this undeserved gift that has been shared with us.

The People

Quinta del Lago is privileged to benefit from the amazing natural resources and beauty of the region, but what makes makes it more than just another farm are the people that care for it and keep it genuine.


Since 1999 Quinta del Lago has been owned and operated by the Escobar family. Originally from Santiago, Chile, the family began to return in that year after 35 years in Washington DC, settling at Quinta del Lago. Four generations now enjoy its abundance and are involved in its care, along with a team of dedicated staff.


While the property has always been worked as a farm, the work is secondary to the experience. We didn’t acquire the farm because we wanted to be farmers, we acquired the farm because we wanted to live closer to nature and its beauty; and share that experience with others. Its this appreciation and value for the experience that makes Quinta del Lago different and makes every guest special. Quinta del Lago has enriched our lives tremendously and we take pleasure in witnessing it enrich the life of every guest.

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